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Public transport

Centrebus Leeds

The CDS 830 has reduced our cash processing from 5-6 hours to 1.5 hours

Tired of spending 5 - 6 hours a day manually counting cash, bus operator Travel de Courcey required a less time-consuming, more cost-effective means of cash processing, especially as they became increasingly busier. Read the customer case to see if Travel de Courcey can inspire you to make changes in your business

Centrebus Leeds

Manual cash counting was taking too much time.......the CDP4 saves time all-round

Realising that manual cash handling was taking up too much time, Centrebus in Leeds required a cost-effective solution that would not only be less time-consuming but would also improve the accuracy and reliability of their depositing. Their choice was SCAN COIN's CDP 4 solution.

Read the customer case to see if Centrebus can inspire you to make changes in your business.

'The CDS 830 allowed us to save both time and money on our cash depositing & processing'

Delaine buses were looking for a more efficient way of counting and sorting their drivers takings. They opted for the CDS 830 which delivered faster and more accurate cash processing.

Read their case story to see if Delaine Buses success can inspire you to make changes in your business.

"More than 8,500 drivers make their deposits in our systems"

"Both the company's work with cash management and how the drivers handle their cash have been greatly helped by the improvement and simplification in how cash is handled thanks to the acquisition of the CDS 830." - Santiago Robles, Manager Tranvias de Sevilla SA.

Soler i Sauret

Soler i Sauret is a spanish public transport company in the Barcelona region. It has around 40 buses and some 100 drivers per shift. The cash is deposited after each shift, which means that many drivers need to deposit at the same time.

Click here to view a video about the installation (please note that it is in spanish)

SCT Sheffield bus

SCAN COIN provided the most cost-effective solution to our needs

SCT in Sheffield wanted to install a reliable and accurate system that would allow them to easily manage large amounts of coin and that could be used in conjunction with their existing back-office ticketing system. They opted for SCAN COIN's CDP 4 solution, which exceeding their expectations in achieving a more cost-effective way of reconciling their cash takings.

Read the customer case to see if SCT can inspire you to make changes in your business.

Sullivan buses

The service from SCAN COIN was excellent, we would not hesitate in working with them in the future

Sullivan Buses were experiencing increased volumes of cash and required a system that would help them achieve a faster, more accurate and reliable cash handling process. They decided that the CDS 830 was the system for them, and are now benefiting from a more controlled cash handling process.

Have a look at the Sullivan Buses case study to see how installing SCAN COIN solutions can help your business.


"It is a vital part of our cash processing"

With more than 800 drivers Brighton & Hove Bus in the UK need complete confidence in the speed, accuracy and reliability of their depositing. Their choice was SCAN COIN's CDP 4 solution, which delivers on all three demands.

Read the customer case to see if Brighton Bus & Hove can inspire you to make changes in your business. 

Arriva DK

"Their experience and expertise has proved invaluable"

Arriva buses in Copenhagen has been a customer of SCAN COIN's for more than 10 years, and they were already using ticket dispensing machines and cash deposit machines. When it was time to exchange the aging machine park, SCAN COIN was given the confidence to help out.

Arriva UK

"It does everything we asked for and more"

Arriva North West in the UK chose the CDP 4 solution from SCAN COIN and are extremely happy with their choice.

Their cash depositing had previously been very time consuming, so when volumes increased it made sense to look into changing to an automated solution. Positive experiences from SCAN COIN at other depots made them choose us as their supplier.

Download the customer case to learn more! 


"We needed a cost-effective system that could process the volume of cash typically handled by a smaller operator"

Avon Buses in Merseyside has cut 75% off the time taken to process driver cash by using a SCAN COIN cash depositing system. Linking the system to its Wayfarer and connecting to the management computer system has given this leading independent operator faster access to operational data and improved financial control.

Public transport

"This project with SCAN COIN turned out to be one of the easiest I have ever carried out"

STIB/MIVB, Belgium’s largest public transport company, wanted a driver deposit solution that would improve cash processing efficiency to reduce the cash administration workload and release trained bus drivers from back office cash-counting duties. An optimised solution from SCAN COIN based on CDP 4 self-service depositing systems enabled STIB/MIVB to achieve all these objectives.

TST Portugal

"An efficient and highly effective solution"

TST in Portugal needed to increase their automated cash deposit capability, and decided to upgrade their old CDP 3s to SCAN COIN's CDP 4.

More than 65 drivers use the CDP 4 every day, and they appreciate the speed and accuracy of the cash depositing process.

Üstra transport

“The CDP 4 machines are already helping us create a much simpler process for the flow of our important business data"

The existing cash deposit machines installed at üstra were unsuitable for a network role. Üstra chose the Cash Deposit Point, CDP 4, from SCAN COIN as the vital integrated link between its on-board bus software and central accounting system. Good networking capability was considered a decisive factor in favour of CDP 4, supported by the experience of SCAN COIN in transport applications: "They were able to provide a lot of references in the transport sector," says Mr Küster, who adds, "The prices are also very well geared to the needs of transport companies."